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Influencing and facilitation training that works for everyone


Julie: We've worked with U&I for years, and they deliver something so important - it's not just training, it's a change in behaviour, in individuals and across teams. What's most important is that the changes are perfectly in line with our culture and values; with how we operate as an organisation.


Steve: I suppose that's exemplified in the work U&I did with my team of business advisers. We wanted help with facilitation - the kind of help that would mean we were all confident and consistently able to work with our clients and suppliers in food, farming and tourism. One of the things that really impressed me was how even experienced staff took on board everything that was said - there was such credibility to the training and to Kim, who delivered it. It's stood the test of time as well. We did some of the training a couple of years ago but we still refer back to it, and we still talk about it. It was the kind of learning we could apply to our work immediately, because it was designed to be so specific, so I guess that means it just becomes part of the way you work, before you have a chance to forget it!


Julie: U&I have been really responsive in everything we've done with them since too. I'd say that they really meet the needs of the business. There's nothing pushy about the approach - they only do what will work best. There's a quiet confidence to everything, and I like that.


Steve: The difference that training has made, along with the other work we've done with U&I since, is that it's taught us a common language - one that fits in with the organisation, one that works for us as a team and answered our needs as individuals. We can help each other when there's a problem to solve; we can talk it through.